Rice - 1 kg
Onions - 3 (thinly sliced)
Green chillies - 6 split
Carrot - 2
Potatoes - 2
Peas - 100 g
Tomato - 1
Beans - 10
Ginger Garlic paste - 2 spoons
Cloves - 5
Elaichi - 5
Cinnamon - 5
Ghee - 2 tablespoons
Oil - 2 tablespoons
Milk - 1 glass
Coriander leaves
Pudina - 20 leaves (approx)


Cut vegetables into small pieces. In a pan, pour ghee and oil. When it gets heated, fry cashews, cloves, elaichi and cinnamon for half minute and then fry onion and green chillies. When onions turn into brown color, add ginger garlic paste and fry in low flame for 2 minutes. Then add pudina leaves and let them be fried. Add all vegetables and fry for 5 minutes. Add salt (sufficient for onion vegetable paste) and cook for a few minutes. Wash rice once and add it and fry it in low flame for 2 minutes.

Now transfer the rice to a cooker vessel and add water. Water should be added in 1:2 ratio. If milk is added, reduce the same amount of water. Add sufficient salt, 1 spoon coriander powder and one spoon garam masala powder. Close the cooker lid and keep the weight. After it gives three whistles, switch off the stove. After opening the lid add coriander leaves.